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Bombippy is a daily blog containing movie reviews, film festival coverage, food recipes, home theatre and general observations. It is published by Jay Kerr.

Bombippy launched in January 2002. In February 2005, the site was completely redesigned with a retro theme.


Several pages on this site use Google AdSense to display ads from Google. You may also see advertising from other sources throughout the site that have been approved by me. If you are interested in advertising on Bombippy please contact me at .


Blog content is published using Movable Type as of February 2005. When the site launched in 2002, Blogger was used to publish the site.

Why the switch? Movable Type provides better content management, flexible PHP publishing using custom templates, comment moderation, categories and subcategories, assorted plugins and more.


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Bombippy is coded by hand using the latest version of BBEdit, Transmit and Adobe PhotoShop

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Apple Macintosh of course. My first computer was a Commodore Vic-20 from Canadian Tire. In 1984 my father bought me an Apple IIc for my birthday. From there it was a Macintosh IIsi and the rest was history.